Purpose and Creative Mindset coach SHAWN CHRISTIAN has been empowering people around the globe to create their roadmap to unleashing their greatest potential!

How can I possibly CREATE CHANGE in my life?

You ever have that feeling when you know something in your life has to change...but you can't find a roadmap to creating it?


About Shawn's journey...



Growing up in the working-class atmosphere of the midwest, where everything was earned, Shawn learned at a very young age that embodying personal responsibility, commitment and compassion are essential to the quality and character of one's life.  

A NATURAL BORN LEADER. From as early as Shawn can remember he had willing been thrust into leadership positions. From being named captain of his first little league football team, to performing, writing and directing school plays, to being voted class president…all before 12 years-old...these experiences would be the foundation from which Shawn would use his intrinsic leadership skills to push himself and others to give their all and create the best version of themselves.

In High School, Shawn was honored with the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF MERIT for outstanding leadership, community service and academic excellence, an unexpected award he never imagined he would receive. Leading by example are simply part of his core value system that drive his actions and support his beliefs. 

Shawn has always had a relentless pursuit toward seemingly impossible goals, a quality his mother would most likely call a "restless pursuit"  because of his boundless energy. Playing in his neighborhood "field of dreams" Shawn imagined he could do anything he set his mind too. A lesson his father ingrained in him at a very young age.

His ambitious pursuits would continue by attempting to get a dual degree in both Architecture and Marketing all while fiercely training to become a walk-on collegiate basketball player. In true Shawn fashion, the day after getting his bachelor's degree in Marketing, Shawn left Michigan with no roadmap or connections to revive his creative talents as an actor in the big cities of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Over the next 25+ years he’s been achieving his big dreams as a respected and successful actor appearing in over 75 movies and TV series. Working with A-list talent, including both Emmy and Oscars winners, Shawn carefully studied how to cultivate and express the unique potential that lives in all of us.  However, Shawn proudly admits that it is the countless failures and rejections that prove to be the most valuable lessons in honoring his true sense of self-worth and self-belief.

In this wonderful 25-year run in film & TV, Shawn hit a 1,2 punch that would stop him dead in his tracks. From that moment on resilience would be his teacher through a difficult period of deep self-reflection. It started with the loss of his father (his rock), then growing challenges in the entertainment industry led to the disappointment of no longer being able to support his family. With no work, no direction and no senses of purpose Shawn's sense of self-worth and energetic spirit were privately eroding. 

 "I had no idea how to change the course of my life." 

During his years of deep self-reflection Shawn went back to WHY he was always driven by these highly ambitious heartfelt pursuits. Connecting the dots of his life Shawn began to realize his fervent need to create experiences that ignite and empower others to feel alive with a sense of passion and purpose. This powerful self-discovery motivated him to become a Certified Life Coach with his mentor Jay Shetty.  

With renewed enthusiasm Shawn was excited to help build the non-profit organization Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps with his fiance Ari. Their mission to empower young teens with character building skills through outdoor adventure was in pure alignment with his true leadership nature. Creating an impact in the lives of young teens, parents and people around the world ignited the creation of Shawn and Ari's life coaching business Aloha Life. At Aloha Life they steadily built a coaching business, online-courses, personal & group retreats, and Shawn has a growing interest of people excited to have him speak to groups, organizations and teams about how to use one's unique potential to create a life that makes them feel alive with authentic passion and meaningful purpose.


"We are all born with unique talents, vivid imaginations and powerful creativity, but too few people understand how to discover and develop their amazing gifts." 


We live in a very complex world that is evolving faster than generations people can keep up with and thrive in. There is an increasing number of people whose common everyday insecurities and disappointments are spiraling into deep self-doubt, depression or worse. We all have a cultural, spiritual, economic and personal necessity to invest in fostering our unique potential to create a happier and healthier world. 

Shawn Christian is thrilled to be utilizing his life experiences to elevate your unique talents and abilities...and to see you empowered with the necessary skills to create an authentically happy and healthy life is confirming that Shawn is indeed fulfilling his own life's passion and purpose. 

To ensure his empowering message continues Shawn offers COACHING packages along  with the VIDEO COURSES and WORKSHEETS. These personalized video modules become the self-creating roadmap for UNLEASHING YOUR UNIQUE POTENTIAL.


"My CREATIVE MINDSET was the gift that allowed me to transform my life...AND I want to empower you with CREATIVE MINDSET to UNLEASH YOUR UNIQUE POTENTIAL."


You can absolutely CREATE CHANGE...



We all have a creativity, an authentic artistry, a unique imagination. To unleash our full potential this CREATIVITY must find expression authentically through our passion and purpose.


  • Empower you to overcome personal obstacles
  • Imagine and create meaningful solutions in the face of adversity
  • Authentically navigate peer and social pressures
  • Confidently express innovative ideas without fear of judgement
  • Explore and execute positive change through value-based decisions
  • Courageously create the life you imagine in an ever-evolving world


Live Authentically...

Unleash Your Unique Potential

Our ONLINE PROGRAM will empower you the tools and strategies to CREATE A PASSION-FILLED & PURPOSEFUL LIFE

Learn how to break through the negative noise, self-doubt, insecurities and limiting beliefs to realize your unique potential.  IGNITE YOUR CREATIVE MINDSET to take you from feeling stuck to creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling life of PASSION and PURPOSE.


Get to know your true self with compassion and clarity. You’ll learn how to tune out negative noise and focus your attention inward.


Learn what specific sources motivate and excite your path towards self discovery. Develop a reflection practice that you can incorporate into your daily routine.


Learn how to cultivate the emotional enthusiasm to sustain your energy as you work through obstacles and challenges. Learn how to expand your comfort zone.   


Bring the real you out. Set life goals that align with who you really are inside. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself every day. 


Learn how to build a balanced tribe and still value the unique individual you are inside. Identify the talents and skills necessary to live your purpose. Learn strategies that honor your timelines.


You.ve create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of...now it's the time to take action! Learn to use insightful feedback to expand your visions.

Need a 95% Boost?

Research shows that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%.

To help ensure the chances of your success we offer 1:1 coaching to support you during the online course. As you hit obstacles, face new challenges we want to be there with you to guide you in creating solutions, change and ultimately help you realize your own creative power to manifest your dreams and goals.  

We have a variety of options for you. 

Confused on which path is right for you? 

Schedule a discovery call so we can help you create the best possible program for you.

Don't give your power away another day. Learn to BE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!


Let me be your adventure guide to CREATING your best life

Most would describe me as an adventurous, energetic, creative and inspiring person. These qualities have given me the opportunity to create countless characters in  film and television for over 3 decades. But in reality, there is so much more to me off-screen than on-screen. I am blessed to make an impact on people's lives in so many ways...and so are you.

From everything I'm doing from coaching, speaking, acting, writing, producing...the common thread through all of it is...

my commitment to creating experiences that empower people to feel alive with passion and purpose. 

 Join me on an adventure of self-discovery, meaningful purpose and unapologetic authenticity!



  • Do you find yourself WISHING, WANTING and WAITING for your life to change? Oh yeah, I've been there! 
  • Have you ever felt like there should be more meaning to your life, but don't where to find it?
  • No matter how hard you work, you feel it's not enough, or worse, you think (or society thinks) you are not enough? Yeppa, I've been there too!
If you're living with these thoughts and beliefs, then Unleashing Your Unique Potential online course is definitely for you!

We'll help you clear out the mental noise and distractions so you can focus on realizing your unique greatness to create a vision of your life that is in alignment with what YOU value! 


Create a life that empowers you to FEEL ALIVE with Passion & Purpose



Learn at your own pace

  • Immediate access to all 6 modules, 18 lessons
  • Printable 36 worksheets. 2 per lesson
  • Membership to the Aloha Life community
  • Email support access


If you aren’t completely satisfied after completing the Unleashing Your Unique Potential courses and coaching, I will return your money for the online courses.

My goal is to empower you to create real change in your life, and if you're not creating a happy, healthier dynamics, then I'm not happy.  Just tell me where I failed to serve you, and I will give you a full refund for the courses.