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Aloha, We're Shawn & Ari!

Certified Purpose and Performance Life Coach Shawn Christian and Ari Zucker are combing their life experiences to help guide, motivate, educate and empower you to unleash your full potential by creating your most authentic life.  With over 30 years in the world of entertainment they have worked through countless obstacles to create experiencing that enrich, elevate and empower themselves and others to feel alive with passion and purpose, and now they are sharing that wisdom through life coaching, speaking appearances and personal coaching retreats.  Shawn and Ari are enthusiastically committed to helping you unleash your unique potential to ignite a lifestyle that EMPOWERS YOU to feel NEW! We now have offices in Southern California! We are serving the Conejo Valley area for IN-PERSON coaching sessions!


Hi, I'm Shawn!

With over 30 years in the entertainment industry as a successful actor I have experienced exhilarating high and soul searching lows. Balancing the unpredictable highs & lows of  living as a creative artist had me questioning what is my true passion and purpose?  This struggle inspired me explore deep within myself to get clarity on why I value living life as an artist. This soul searching journey made it very clear why & how I am using my passion & purpose. My daily goal is to enrich, empower, energize, elevate and enlighten the world within me and around everyday. Now I use the same powerful creativity to help others find their true passion & higher purpose.

Hi, I'm Ari! 

Ari has been in the entertainment world for over 23 years and has successfully made a career in front of the camera. She still currently works in film and television and is mostly known for her current role as Nicole Walker on the hit Daytime TV show Days of Our Lives. Ari has thousand’s of hours of emotional training from working over 1600 episodes of television and over 10 years of film experience. Choosing the path as a creative mind coach, life coach and positivity advocate began in 2019 when the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. The mental and emotional issues this past year is the reason Ari co-founded Aloha Life Coaching. To be a support and guide to the one thing that means the most to her which is love and happiness. Her life experience has taught her HOW to be her own positivity coach. After truly learning that you are your best advocate, she wanted to teach people how to do the same. The gift of listening, absorbing information and supporting clients with the tools to get to the root of HOW they can shift their mindset to a proactive way of living is the main focus of Ari’s style of coaching. “When we value change over our current situation, we begin to create the life we imagine”

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Discover inner clarity and live a more inspired life.

Our coaching strategies are designed for living a more peaceful, productive and self empowered life. We guide you in using your unique energy for deep self awareness, reflective wonder and expansive exploration to create alignment with what you value most.   







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