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Aloha, We're Shawn & Ari!

Certified Purpose and Creative Mindset Life Coach Shawn Christian and Ari Zucker are combing their life experiences to help guide, motivate, educate and empower you to unleash your full potential by creating your most authentic life.  


With over 30 years in the world of entertainment they have worked through countless obstacles to create experiencing that enrich, elevate and empower themselves and others to feel alive with passion and purpose, and now they are sharing that wisdom through life coaching, online courses speaking appearances and personal coaching retreats.  


Shawn and Ari are enthusiastically committed to helping you unleash your unique potential to ignite a lifestyle that EMPOWERS YOU to FEEL ALIVE!

Shawn Christian



Shawn Christian has been using the power of his creativity for over 30+ years to fulfill his wildest dreams and overcome life changing adversity. His successful career as a professional actor, writer, producer, speaker and coach has made him a knowledgeable and respected thought-leader in utilizing the power of our creative mindset to manifest our visions, dreams and goals. 

In connecting the dots of his life, Shawn's soul purpose has always been rooted in creating experiencing that empower people to feel alive with authentic passion and meaningful purpose. This purpose is driving force to becoming a Certified Jay Shetty Purpose and Creative Mindset Coach.

At the age of 18, Shawn was surprised to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Merit for his outstanding leadership, community service and academic excellence. This honor would ensure Shawn’s dedication to inspiring others to live their life to the fullest, his mantra since that day..

Working with respected Oscar and Emmy winners, Shawn has studied and valued the unique creative process of every individual he has collaborated with. He is passionate about the personal and cultural necessity for people to utilize their unique creativity, innovation and imagination to realize their goals and visions. His passionate mission has him coaching and speaking to an ever-growing diverse group of individuals around the world. 

Shawn’s relentless commitment to his values of creativity, connection and contribution are the pillars of his desire to create meaningful human connections that contribute to something greater than himself. 

Shawn is proud to have created Aloha Life Coaching business with his fiancé Ari Zucker. The two adventurous souls share time between Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe. Shawn is blessed to have 3 children in three different generations. A curious fact that always invites colorful questions about his eternally youthful spirit. 

Ari Zucker

Positivity Advocate Coach, Host, Actress

Completed Coaching Course: Stacy Boehman
As a positivity advocate coach with over 20 years experience of giving back AND volunteering her time to countless charities, Ari co-founding her non-profit ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps helping teens discover their true strengths. Working with a custom curriculum based on ARROW-HEART'S 6 C's, courage, commitment, communication, critical thinking, compassion and character. AH helps teens find their true nature in nature. Ari has never shied away from doing the work of discovering her best self. Today, her goals of helping others discover new paths in life is her true mission. Ari quotes “The best gift we can give ourselves is choosing a rewarding life of love and happiness".
Ari continues to earn her coaching credentials by independent research accompanied by her two year education of true emotional development and training of how we can control our emotions by understanding how they FEEL in our body. She teaches many clients (PEP) Physical Emotional Practice in how to control the emotions through thought and self coaching tools. Ari can teach you how to feel  each emotion in your body by practicing it on purpose, so that when the emotions show themselves out of blue you can slow the emotional process. 


Welcome our new coach to the Aloha team!


LeAnn Lazar


LeAnn Lazar is an LA-based Dating and Relationship coach for single parents and individuals offering guidance on how to shift your mindset about dating, relationships, being a better parent, and creating balance around your co-parenting dynamic. I am passionate about helping those who deeply desire to break through the daily challenges of loneliness, practicing self-love, and who want to create an intentional relationship. I do this through a personalized 1:1 coaching program that provides strategies and tools required for real transformation in your life. You will learn how to gain Clarity for yourself, Identify fears keeping you in the same mental loop, and how to take Conscious Intentional Action towards your relationships.

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