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Shawn Christian’s lifelong passion for creativity has lead to an ever-evolving career as a professional actor, writer, producer, speaker and Creativity Coach that spans over 30 years.

Shawn is deeply passionate about both the personal and cultural significance of every individual discovering and utilizing their unique passions to create a life of meaningful purpose.

His genuine enthusiasm for using the power of our dynamic imagination and creativity to ignite ones presence, potential, passion and purpose has been the driving force behind his life as a creative artist, actor, speaker and coach to people around the world. 

"I believe we all have natural talents and gifts that we lose touch with as we encounter more & more of the world. We need to flourish in our unique passions, not hide from them in the shadows of our fear and doubt.

The world will be a far more extraordinary place when we connect the passions and talents of the world within us to the purpose of the world around us. 



Using our imagination to discover ways to explore our unique perspectives, passions and palate of possibilities 



Create opportunities to keep expanding our self understanding, identify unique talents and cultivate skills that ignite our authentic power.


Take innovative action on original ideas that add value to the world within us to serve the world around us. 

If you're committed to developing authentic talents for yourself, your team or your organization, invite Shawn to speak with, engage and ignite the creativity that lives in each one of us.

From Shawn ~
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You made a massive difference for me. I never believed I was worth it. You understood everything I was feeling and going through at this stage.

~ Shetal Ksavi Joshi


Shawn was extremely instrumental in helping me create change within myself. Don’t think twice. You can't put a price on this.

~ Alejandro Eustaquio


My journey with Shawn was a profound life changing experience. I could see that beautiful bright light again. He makes you feel comfortable, confident accountable and excited. 

~ Yolanda Robinson

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