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Explore more ways to expand your potential with our personal coaching retreats! Whether it's one-on-one, groups, families, teams or organization, we can tailor an adventurous coaching retreat that enriches, empowers and elevates you in creating a life that makes you feel alive with purpose .


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Creating Passion and Purpose

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The POWER OF CREATIVITY is essential in maximizing our POTENTIAL in all areas of our lives. We are thrilled to announce that we are now booking SPEAKING EVENTS for organizations, companies and teams to share practical insights and strategies on creating passion and purpose to empower our most authentic potential!

From company INNOVATION, personal RELATIONSHIPS, team  COLLABORATIONS and, of course, the navigation of daily CHALLENGES both personally and professionally Shawn Christian speaks about the cultural significance of being the CREATOR of your life not the CANVAS.


Serenity Studio

Aloha! We're Shawn & Ari. As Purpose and Performance Life Coaches we're here to inspire, motivate and empower you to create a life of personal growth and transformation.



Creative Life Coaches Shawn and Ari are combing their life experiences as creatives to help guide, motivate and empower you in creating your best most authentic life.

With over 30 years in the world of entertainment they have worked through countless obstacles to create experiences they envision. 

Shawn and Ari are enthusiastically committed to helping you unleash your unique potential and power  to ignite a lifestyle that makes you feel alive with true passion and meaningful purpose. This is at the heart of who they are and why they created Aloha Life Coaching.



Read about the experiences that are transforming lives! 

Shetal Ksavi Joshi 

Certified Coach

You made a made a massive difference for me. I never ever even believed I was worthy of it. 

I am so thankful Shawn that you are my coach in this last part of my transitioning into becoming a fully certified coach, because I think up until now, I never ever even believed I was worthy of it. I am so so thankful that I got a chance to work with you, and for you to coach me. I think you made a made a massive difference for me. You were there right coach for me right now.  You understood everything that I was feeling and going through at this stage.  


Alejandro Eustaquio


Extremely instrumental in helping me create change within myself.

Just being honest, I was hesitant to take on a life coach. But I realized that whenever it comes to investing in myself, I tend to find excuses not to. Which is the exact reason why I decided to make the leap. Shawn has been extremely helpful and instrumental in helping me create change within myself. Even now, I still have chills of the amazing breakthrough that I had in one of our sessions. Shawn was right there with me to work through each obstacle and provided me the tools to eventually do it on my own. I’m happy to share that I’m still a client because you just can’t put a price on this. Thank you for helping me take my life back!

Angela Tillotson

Health Care Professional

Helped me push past the doubts and fear that held me back.

I was not happy with where I was in my life and on a whim I booked a session.  That session lead me to thinking and writing goals and stopping the “ I can’t”.  A few months later I decided to try a bundle of sessions with Ari.  Having Ari as a life coach has helped me push past the doubts and fear that held me back.  She seems to seamlessly lead me to figure things out on my own.  She is helping me find my triggers and giving me the skills to work through them.  I credit these sessions with teaching me to take control of my path forward.... and I like where I am heading.

Joanna Nelson

Massage Therapist

My experience was everything I could have wanted and more.
I cannot thank you two enough.  My experience was everything I could have wanted and more. I was afraid I would be a total "fan girl" and forget my words, or something equally embarrassing like that.  (I didn't!) You guys were so warm, welcoming and insightful. Your words are still with me. During these unprecedented times,  we are all going through a lot. I felt the cost was most certainly worth the value, in fact,  I definitely see myself doing this again.  I absolutely recommend having one, to anyone who may be considering it. 
Looking forward to my next session. 
Blessings to you both, now and always.

Karin Richter

Labor Relations Officer

Shawn is holding me accountable while also digging into deeper issues of the “why”

I signed up for a personal life coaching session with Shawn and Ari one year ago (June 2020) as a birthday present to myself. I decided that I wanted to make a lifestyle change and booked the 16 sessions with Shawn! It has been an amazing process. Shawn is holding me accountable while also digging into deeper issues of the “why” and tools at managing my  challenges. There has been some emotional highs and lows but you need to be honest with your “Life Coach”. Invest in yourself and AlohaLifeCoaching. It will change your life! 

Thank you Shawn & Ari🙏🤙🌈.

Yolanda Robinson 

Small Business Owner

A profound life changing experience.

My journey with Shawn has been a profound life changing experience. Looking back I was unhappy, I did not have the motivation to keep going. I was in the abyss of hopelessness. On that Monday, I hit that free consultation button on the website and Friday, I was on my way out of this dark abyss. I could see that beautiful bright light again and I was on my way to change my life for the better.  

He makes you feel comfortable, confident, accountable, and excited. Shawn gives you the tools and suggestions on how to break through the obstacles from within. It really helped me take full control on making these changes within my life. I am proud to say It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I am feeling good. I am on the road to obtain my dreams while feeling Alive With A Sense of Purpose.


Financial Investments

Shawn establishes a feeling of trust and sharing.

Shawn’s sessions are a journey to discover yourself and become aware of what makes you happy. Shawn’s passion for life is very communicative and establishes a feeling of trust and sharing.

Father Fred Parke


Shawn is like an oxygen transfusion.

Talking with Shawn is like an oxygen transfusion. In a short few minutes you feel like you have known him all your life. He is a blessing.

Shawn Christian



Shawn Christian’s lifelong passion for creativity has lead to a successful career as a professional actor, writer, producer, speaker and coach that spans over 30 years. His genuine enthusiasm for using the power of our creativity to ignite ones presence, potential, passion and purpose has been the driving force behind his journey of becoming a Certified Jay Shetty  Creativity & Purpose Coach.

Working with respected Oscar and Emmy winners, Shawn has studied and valued the unique creative process of every individual he has collaborated with. He has experienced both the personal and cultural necessity for people to utilize their unique creativity, innovation and imagination to realize their goals and visions. His passionate mission has him coaching and speaking to an ever-growing diverse group of individuals around the world. 

At the age of 18, Shawn was surprised to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Merit for his outstanding leadership, community service and academic excellence. This honor would ensure Shawn’s dedication to inspiring others to live their full potential.

Shawn’s relentless commitment to his values of creativity, connection and contribution to the world are the pillars of his mission to bringing out the best in the human spirit.

Shawn is proud to have created Aloha Life Coaching business with his fiancé Ari Zucker. The two adventurous souls share time between Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe. Shawn is blessed to have 3 children in three different generations. A eye-opening fact that always brings his youthful spirit into colorful conversations.


Ari Zucker

Positivity Advocate Coach, Host, Actress

Completed Coaching Course: Stacy Boehman
As a positivity advocate coach with over 20 years experience of giving back AND volunteering her time to countless charities, Ari co-founding her non-profit ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps helping teens discover their true strengths. Working with a custom curriculum based on ARROW-HEART'S 6 C's, courage, commitment, communication, critical thinking, compassion and character. AH helps teens find their true nature in nature. Ari has never shied away from doing the work of discovering her best self. Today, her goals of helping others discover new paths in life is her true mission. Ari quotes “The best gift can give ourselves is choosing a rewarding life of love and happiness".
Ari continues to earn her coaching credentials by independent research accompanied by her two year education of true emotional development and training of how we can control our emotions by understanding how they FEEL in our body. She teaches many clients (PEP) Physical Emotional Practice in how to control the emotions through thought and self coaching tools. Ari can teach you how to feel  each emotion in your body by practicing it on purpose, so that when the emotions show themselves out of blue you can slow the emotional process. 



Welcome our new coach to the Aloha team!


LeAnn Lazar


LeAnn Lazar is an LA-based Dating and Relationship coach for single parents and individuals offering guidance on how to shift your mindset about dating, relationships, being a better parent, and creating balance around your co-parenting dynamic. I am passionate about helping those who deeply desire to break through the daily challenges of loneliness, practicing self-love, and who want to create an intentional relationship. I do this through a personalized 1:1 coaching program that provides strategies and tools required for real transformation in your life. You will learn how to gain Clarity for yourself, Identify fears keeping you in the same mental loop, and how to take Conscious Intentional Action towards your relationships.



Choose Your Adventure 

Start your NEW YEAR with consistency and accountability to experience your GOALS!   

We now offer 3 coaching packages that will set you up for SUCCESS! Choose the coaching package that gives you the best opportunity for personal growth, happiness and meaningful purpose in your life.




One-Session per Month

With ONE-SESSION per month you will step into the consistency it takes to experience real growth and change. You'll begin developing deeper self-awareness and self-understanding as you get clarity on your personal values and goals. This is a simple introduction into creating the life you envision that will ignite your journey of personal growth!



3 Sessions per Month

Creating passion and purpose comes with commitment and more consistency. Develop your true voice and innate skills toward being the creator of your life. With 3 coaching sessions per month you will expand your potential through creating deeper self awareness, habit building, and value-based action towards your goals. More consistency comes with more growth.


SIGNATURE Coaching with Shawn Christian


High Performance Coaching. Weekly sessions tailored for individuals with high performance goals. For those who like bigger challenges, Shawn works with you to create the most fulfilling and challenging pathway to personal growth, success and transformation!  Unleash your passion, and purpose to maximize your full potential.


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Anything you can IMAGINE you can CREATE.     

                               ~Oprah Winfrey

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