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Mindfulness vs Meditation

Creating the the life you imagine requires us to be Mindful of the life we are presently living. Listen as Life Coaches Shawn Christian & Ari Zucker explore how Meditation practice differs from Mindfulness living, and how the true power of your thoughts has the power to heal.

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Aloha! We're Shawn & Ari. As Creative Life Coaches we're here to inspire, motivate and empower you to create a life of personal growth and transformation.


Shawn Christian

As an actor Shawn has spent over 30 years using the infinite power of his imagination, true creativity and unique thoughts to create experiences on the screen.  His  journey as an artist has taken him to exhilarating highs and soul searching lows.  The personal discoveries has led him to being an inspiring and empowering force for others to use their unique creativity and limitless imagination to create a life that makes them feel alive with true passion and purpose. 

Ari Zucker

As a positivity advocate with over 20 years experience of giving back, volunteering her time to countless charities, Ari co-founding her non-profit ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps helping teens discover their true strengths. Ari has never shied away from doing the work of discovering her best self. Today, her goals of helping others on a broader scale discover new paths in life is her true mission. Ari quotes “The best gift we have is choosing a rewarding life of love and happiness”. 



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Creating the life you imagine begins with believing in the unique power of your mind.  

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Creative Life Coaches Shawn and Ari are combing their life experiences as creatives to help guide, motivate and empower you in creating your best you.  With over 30 years in the world of entertainment we have worked through countless obstacles to experience the life we envision.  Now we want to share our knowledge & wisdom to empower you to create a life that makes you feel alive with your true passion and meaningful purpose. This is at the heart of who we are and why we coach so many others. 



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Anything you can IMAGINE you can CREATE.     

                               ~Oprah Winfrey

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