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Monthly Sessions

Ignite your journey into creating self-empowerment with ONE-SESSION per month. You will step into the consistency it takes to experience real growth. You'll begin developing deeper self-awareness and self-understanding as you get clarity on your personal values and goals. 

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3 Sessions per Month

Creating a life of passion and purpose comes with commitment. Get more guidance in developing your mindset and skill-set to create change. With 3 coaching sessions per month you will be meeting your challenges at an accelerated rate. Stay more focused and disciplined on the path toward self empowerment.   

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SIGNATURE VIP - Coaching with Shawn Christian

Weekly sessions tailored for individuals with high performance goals. Get with even more commitment from Shawn to guide you in creating personal success and fulfillment.  You'll get strategic coaching with Shawn to create the most accelerated and challenging  pathway to personal growth, success and transformation.  Unleash your passion and maximize your full potential.

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Extremely instrumental in helping me create change within myself.

"Just being honest, I was hesitant to take on a life coach. But I realized that whenever it comes to investing in myself, I tend to find excuses not to. Which is the exact reason why I decided to make the leap. Shawn has been extremely helpful and instrumental in helping me create change within myself. Even now, I still have chills of the amazing breakthrough that I had in one of our sessions. Shawn was right there with me to work through each obstacle and provided me the tools to eventually do it on my own. I’m happy to share that I’m still a client because you just can’t put a price on this. Thank you for helping me take my life back!"

Alejandro Eustaquio